Opportunity Junction is actively accepting applications for its workforce development programs – the Administrative Careers Training (ACT) and the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) programs, which both begin in May.

Administrative Careers Training

At no cost to the student, the ACT offers 12 weeks of full-time training in office computer applications, life skills, and academic enhancement – all paired with wraparound support, including daily hot lunches.

After the 12 weeks, graduates become paid interns for Opportunity Junction, where they can work for up to four months supporting Opportunity Junction staff. Interns also engage in comprehensive career-building activities, including skills assessment, job search, resume and cover letter preparation, and interview practice.

Case managers offer support, ensuring links to childcare, healthcare, transportation, and other essential services. Meanwhile, our health and wellness manager provides therapy to address trauma and other issues that may hinder employment. 

Alumni services include ongoing career counseling and case management, helping alumni maintain employment, obtain a raise or promotion, and, if needed, search for new employment.

After 20 years as a stay-at-home mother and a difficult divorce, ACT alumna Mary Mei was terrified to re-enter the workforce with a significant employment gap on her resume and no college degree. After gaining the skills and confidence she needed to succeed through the ACT, Mary went on to become an accountant and grants administrator in the nonprofit sector.

“The most important thing for me is to be self-sufficient, so I don’t have to count on anybody. And I was able to achieve that,” Mary shared. “I’m still working on my self-esteem, but to know that I work hard, and my kids are proud of me, I think that’s really big. Especially for my kids, too, I showed them that you work hard, and you can achieve it.”

When and where: Training begins May 28 at 3102 Delta Fair Blvd., in Antioch. 

Recruitment 250x350Certified Nursing Assistant

Our Healthcare Career Pathway (HCP) CNA program also combines skills training at no cost to the participant with wraparound services and a professional skills curriculum for those on the healthcare track. Much like the Administrative Careers Training Program, additional services include one-on-one case management, food and transportation support, job placement assistance, and professional skills.

Ahmad graduated from CNA training and immediately launched his healthcare career at a skilled nursing facility where he has been working for more than a year. He works hard to both build his career in America while helping his mother and siblings still living in Afghanistan amid an ongoing humanitarian crisis. Thanks to the training and job placement he received, Ahmad is now growing his career in the healthcare field, enhancing his own well-being while adding another valuable worker to a shorthanded industry. While he is still missing his family back home, Ahmad is grateful for Opportunity Junction and the opportunities he has found here in the States.

“In Afghanistan, we don’t have anything. But here, someone once told me, ‘The sky’s the limit.’ It’s true about the United States. It’s true. And with Opportunity Junction, I want to thank them a lot. I want to thank them for helping me through this program and for my new career.”

When and where: Training begins May 6 at 3102 Delta Fair Blvd., in Antioch

For more information about the ACT, visit https://www.opportunityjunction.org/careers/administrative. For more information about the HCP, visit https://www.opportunityjunction.org/careers/cna-training

To watch an orientation video, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hs3nKwpRM4.