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Volunteering with Opportunity Junction is not only a chance to give back to the community but also a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Our volunteers play a vital role in making our work possible.


  • Mock Interviewing: Assist job seekers in practicing and enhancing their interview skills, to go into their interviews with more confidence, and increasing their chances of securing employment. Your valuable time and feedback will make a significant difference. More information here.
  • Friday Food Bank Helper: Accompany fellow volunteers on Thursday morning (Concord) and/or Friday morning (Antioch) to the Food Bank for food pick-up, and/or packing weekend grocery bags for the students. Your support ensures that individuals and families have access to essential resources, like food, over the weekend. More information here.
  • Trainers/Teachers:  Share your knowledge and expertise by teaching computer basics, business English, business math, and more. Classes are held in the evenings online via Zoom and by volunteering you are helping someone learn a new skill to build their resume for a promotion or new job.
  • Tutoring:  Help individuals improve their English, math, or computer skills either in a classroom setting or through one-on-one instruction. Your guidance can empower them to unlock new opportunities.


  • Opportunity Junction is seeking a Spanish-speaking volunteer instructor who is passionate about teaching Computer Basics in Spanish. Classes will take place once a week either Mondays or Wednesdays for two hours over ten weeks, with a quiz at the end of the course, or on Mondays and Wednesdays for 90 minutes over five weeks.

    The Computer Basic class focuses on teaching participants how to use fundamental computer concepts, basic computer terminology, learn how to recognize common computer parts and components, as well as the fundamentals of computer operating systems and Windows.

    Also instructing them:

    • How to use Windows 10 or a recent version

    Which includes learning how to manage windows, files, folders, copy, cut and paste, use the control panel, etc.

    • How to use e-mail
    • How to use Google
    • Create photo layouts and other tasks

    The instructor's responsibilities include developing the lesson plan for the class, creating lesson notes to be emailed to participants each week, and preparing the final quiz. Instructors are encouraged to make suggestions or identify ways to improve the class to better serve our diverse community.

    Anyone interested in volunteering to teach Computer Basics to our Hispanic community can apply here.

  • Opportunity Junction está buscando un instructor voluntario de habla hispana apasionado por enseñar Fundamentos de Computación en español. Las clases se llevarán a cabo una vez a la semana, ya sea los lunes o los miércoles, durante dos horas durante diez semanas, con un examen al final del curso, o los lunes y miércoles durante 90 minutos durante cinco semanas.

    La clase de Fundamentos de Computación se enfoca en enseñar a los participantes cómo utilizar conceptos informáticos fundamentales, terminología informática básica, aprender a reconocer partes y componentes comunes de la computadora, así como los fundamentos de los sistemas operativos informáticos y Windows.

    También se les instruirá en:

    • Cómo usar Windows 10 o una versión reciente

    Lo cual incluye aprender cómo administrar ventanas, archivos, carpetas, copiar, cortar y pegar, usar el panel de control, etc.

    • Cómo usar el correo electrónico
    • Cómo usar Google
    • Crear diseños de fotos y otras tareas

    Las responsabilidades del instructor incluye desarrollar el plan de lecciones para la clase, crear notas de lecciones para enviar por correo electrónico a los participantes cada semana y preparar el examen final. Se les pide a los instructores hacer sugerencias o identificar maneras de mejorar la clase para servir mejor a nuestra comunidad diversa.

    Cualquier persona interesada en ser voluntaria para enseñar Fundamentos de Computación Básica a nuestra comunidad hispana puede aplicar aquí.

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We also offer team volunteering opportunities that foster camaraderie and teamwork within your organization or department. These experiences can strengthen bonds while making a positive impact.

  • Mock interviewing
  • Office infrastructure updates
  • Holiday gift basket assembly
  • Backpack drives, and more

If you're interested in organizing a team volunteering event, we are open to tailoring an experience that best suits your team's interests and availability. Please reach out to Janelle Stauffer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (925) 776-1133 to put together a volunteering event for your team.

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