Zenia Brown had tried other educational programs to help her launch a career, but in the Administrative Careers Training (ACT) program she learned the skills she really needed and set a goal of becoming the top student in class…Zenia Brown

Before enrolling in Opportunity Junction’s Administrative Careers Training (ACT) program, Zenia earned an associate degree in business operations and a certificate in small business management. Despite her determination and hard work, she was rejected from position after position.

“I applied for one job, which I was told I didn’t have the skills for,” Zenia recalls, “and it was not until going through the Administrative Careers Training program that I learned they were right.”

In early 2022, working as a driver for Amazon, Zenia turned to Opportunity Junction. She had learned of the organization years earlier, when she visited the Career and Technology Center to get a typing certificate, and the ACT seemed directly in line with her career goals.

Soon after enrolling, Zenia formulated another goal. “I wanted to become the top student in my class,” she says with a smile. The ACT equipped her with essential office skills, boosting her confidence to apply for roles she once thought were out of reach. The program also allowed her to be more vocal and expressive. Zenia mentioned, “The class helped me to be more social, and the skills I learned will be transferable to any job I want to apply for.”

Today, Zenia is working as an administrative assistant at Air Synergy, a local HVAC company. She wholeheartedly affirms that this is the perfect job for her. The friendly work environment, recognition from her boss, and excellent benefits have transformed her life.

Securing a stable job has not only provided financial stability but also improved her work-life balance. Her new commute is less than 15 minutes. She was grateful to get compliments from her supervisor and customers all the time.

“I have never had this kind of experience with another company. My manager said, ‘We lucked out getting you.’ But I truly believe that I lucked out getting this job.”

A Grateful Heart Giving Back

Recognizing the immense impact OJ had on her life, Zenia joined the Alumni Giving Society and has become a generous donor. She has also accepted a role on OJ’s Alumni Council. Her desire to give back stems from a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities she received and a genuine wish to help others in similar situations.

In her own words, "Things happen when they're supposed to. I attribute a lot of the positive things happening for me now to OJ. If it hadn’t been for the ACT program, I wouldn’t be in the job I have and love now."