Responding to valuable feedback from our participants, we have adjusted the Administrative Careers Training (ACT) program to make it even more accessible and impactful for aspiring professionals. Administrative Careers Interns

One of the primary goals of the revised ACT program was to respond to the needs of parents of young children and those with family caregiving obligations. To achieve this, we implemented a new schedule, offering a shorter in-person training day that concludes at 3 p.m. instead of 4:30 p.m. Participants now have the option to complete the last hour and a half of the day's activities, known as the lab time, either on-site or remotely from home. This modification allows trainees to balance their education and personal responsibilities effectively, making it easier for them to pursue their career goals without compromising their family responsibilities.

Despite its name, the course is not solely focused on placing students into administrative roles. Many who have completed the training have gone on to secure employment in various positions, including data entry clerks, office managers, customer service representatives or project coordinators, among others.

One inspiring success story comes from ACT alumna, Mary Mei, who hadn't been employed for more than two decades before joining Opportunity Junction. As a stay-at-home mother who had gone through a divorce, she found the support and skills she needed in the ACT program, leading her to land a role as an accountant and grants administrator for a nonprofit organization.

Another shining example is Julien Frost, an ACT graduate who now works as a front-end coordinator for the Rainbow Community Center. 

"Before, I was working a bunch of jobs that were going nowhere,” Julien shared. “They were minimum wage and destroying my body. And now, I work nine to five, I don't work weekends, I make good money, and I get vacation and medical care. It's life-altering. I can really start my life."

Opportunity Junction's ACT program has always emphasized the importance of comprehensive computer skills training, providing participants with a competitive edge in today's technology-driven job market. As the employment landscape continues to evolve, these essential skills become increasingly valuable and in-demand across various industries. The California Employment Development Department 2018-2028 job projection report estimates that there will be more than 12,000 East Bay job openings each year for administrative/office occupations that pay a living wage and yet do not require a 4-year college education. 

The ACT program is now accepting applications on a rolling basis for the next course, starting on Sept. 11. For more information, visit