Brianna RobinsonWhat truly inspires me every day is witnessing the incredible impact we make in the lives of our clients.” – Brianna Robinson, President and CEO

Dear Opportunity Junction Community,

I am honored to address you as the newly appointed CEO of this incredible organization. As I step into this role, I am filled with immense gratitude for the trust and support that the Opportunity Junction family has placed in me. I am excited to work alongside our team, participants, partners, funders, and Board of Directors to make a profound impact on our clients' lives.

My journey with Opportunity Junction began in 2006 as a volunteer, driven by a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals in our community. Witnessing the transformative power of our programs, I committed myself wholeheartedly to this cause. In 2007, I officially became a staff member, and over the years, I had the privilege of serving in various roles.

In 2012, I became the Vice President of Programs, giving me the opportunity to delve deeper into the heart of our mission and develop a profound understanding of the challenges our clients face. I witnessed the remarkable resilience, determination, and potential within each individual who walked through our doors. Today, as the President and CEO, I am more committed than ever to driving our organization forward, empowering individuals, and creating lasting change in our community.

What truly inspires me every day is witnessing the incredible impact we make in the lives of our clients. From job training and placement assistance to wrap-around support services and paid work experience, we provide a comprehensive approach that addresses the complex barriers faced by members of our community. It brings me joy to see the various program components come together, leading to positive outcomes and transformative change.

Beyond my work at Opportunity Junction, you can find me on a softball or kickball field, indulging in my love for sports and the outdoors with my family. These activities remind me of the importance of teamwork, determination, and the joy that can be found in collective achievements.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for being part of the Opportunity Junction community. I am truly excited about the future we will build together.

With gratitude and determination,

Brianna Robinson

President and CEO

Opportunity Junction