CEO s Corner 250 x 350wDear Opportunity Junction Community, 
This will be my final dispatch from the “CEO Corner.” After 22 years here, I will be transitioning to the role of Senior Advisor to our new CEO.

My wife and I will be moving this summer to Columbus, Ohio to live near my dad, and I’m feeling nostalgic about the place Opportunity Junction has had in my life.

When I was about six, my dad asked me what was most important in life. I answered, "love, family, and work,” in that order. (My dad likes to retell the story every so often. He still marvels at how precocious I once was, but I’m sure he taught me these values himself.)

At Opportunity Junction, I’ve found all three: love, family, and work. Our core belief is that everyone who works hard deserves the opportunity to succeed. And we all work hard. Staff members at OJ work diligently alongside our trainees, imparting valuable skills needed to launch careers.

But skills and training alone are not enough. You also need the confidence to try and to fail until you succeed. We make space for our participants to share their fears, hopes, challenges, and dreams. There's openness, love, vulnerability, and by the end of every cohort training, a real sense of family.

I am so grateful that my work supported all three values, and I’m grateful to be handing over the leadership of this amazing organization to Brianna Robinson, our current Vice President of Programs. Over the past 16 years, she, too, has helped OJ become a place where love, family, and work come together to make our community stronger.