Graduation 250x350Opportunity Junction will soon honor the hard work and dedication of its Administrative Careers Training (ACT) program students, and the public is invited to attend the graduation ceremony. 

The graduation ceremony for ACT Class 69 will take place on Friday, Jan. 27, from 7 to 8 p.m., at the El Campanil Theater, 602 W. Second St., Antioch.

"This class is resilient because every one of them had to face unexpected challenges and continue move forward, ready or not," said ACT Program Manager Natalie Georgia. "They will now take their OJ experiences and opportunities and go out into the real world. They have the tools to make a difference for themselves and their families."

Throughout their 12 weeks of full-time training, the ACT participants learned essential computer and professional skills in preparation for careers in the administrative field. After graduation, the students will enter a paid internship for up to four months to build their confidence and further enhance their workplace experience. During that time, engage in comprehensive career-building activities, including skills assessment, job search, resume and cover letter preparation, and interview practice. The ACT is offered at no cost to income-eligible individuals.

The ACT graduation follows the recent celebration of Opportunity Junction’s Healthcare Career Pathway (HCP) grads in December. The HCP begins with Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training and provides wraparound services, along with a professional skills curriculum for those on the health care track. Like the ACT, the HCP is also offered at no cost to those who are eligible.

Opportunity Junction’s HCP instructors Nicole Hall and Lynn Mendez both expressed pride in their CNA students.

“They work hard to accomplish their goals,” said Nicole. “I know 100% that the medical industry is going to benefit greatly from their success.”

Lynn said, “They will help bring person-centered care to local facilities and spread their compassion while also helping to create change.”

Congratulations to our ACT and HCP graduates!