Linh: CNA Alum, Back Stronger than Before!

Linh in scrubs Linh Luangrath graduated in Class 2 of Opportunity Junction's Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program in Spring 2020. She was quickly hired by Hillendale Home Care in Walnut Creek, working hours that aligned with her family's needs. Because she had earned her CNA certification, she was offered an excellent starting wage. When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, though, Linh faced a tough decision.

Prior to her time in Opportunity Junction's CNA program, Linh had been bartending for 9 years but had a dream and a goal of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). She had always loved caring for people. "Caring for people is my thing! I have always had a strong interest in the healthcare field," she says. She heard about Opportunity Junction's CNA program through Mt. Diablo Adult Education and applied because it was a requirement toward becoming an RN.

"I learned so much," Linh explains. "The program made me want to get into healthcare even more. I don't just want a paycheck. Being a CNA is a challenging job, but I absolutely love caring for people."

Linh and family As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, and shelter-in-place laws were put in order, Linh had to plan for childcare. The cost of childcare for her kids, all under the age of 12, would cost more than she was making in her new job. She was faced with a tough decision. Linh did not want to leave the job she loved and worked so hard to earn, but she also had to do what was best for her family. Ultimately, she decided to resign.

Linh, like many, found herself jobless in the midst of the global pandemic. It was a hard time. Her children were missing the social aspect of in-person school. Distance learning was tough for all of them. Together, they persevered and made it through the school year but all the while, Linh was missing her job.

In March 2021, with the kids still learning remotely, Linh decided to go back to school to advance her career in the healthcare field. Thankfully, Opportunity Junction's CNA program had already set her up for success in the healthcare field. She got accepted into a local LVN program where she could continue to expand her skills and grow her resume.

Linh will graduate from her LVN program in April 2022! She is abundantly grateful to Opportunity Junction for her time in the CNA program, which launched her career path in healthcare. The lessons she learned throughout CNA training have been highly applicable in her LVN program and in day-to-day life. Linh exclaims, "If you want a career in the healthcare field, join this program! You will be a better healthcare worker and a better person for it!"