I am really happy with what I do now ... and I am making more than I ever thought I could!

Gwen MooreIn 2011, just before her 8th anniversary working as a school bus operator and trainer for First Student in Richmond, Gwenette Moore suffered an injury that took her out of work.

Gwen was eager to get a new job, but realized she needed to update her skills to get into the administrative field.

She enrolled in Opportunity Junction's Administrative Careers Training program.

She loved it, saying, "The staff are so passionate! They meet you where you are, and they let you know you are not alone in this. I left feeling so confident."

She was offered a job with Irish Construction as a temporary Administrative Assistant, and was determined to advance. Even while going through the unimaginable pain of losing her husband and sister, just months apart, she earned herself a full time Assistant Manager role!

Gwen at workAfter five years with the construction company, amidst the stress of COVID-19, Gwen lost her job. The weight of finding a new job during the pandemic, on top of grieving the deaths in her family, felt very heavy. She felt lost.

Even still, Gwen was determined to get back to work to provide for her two sons.

She reached out to Hilarie, Opportunity Junction's Alumni Manager, for support and advice in finding a new role. Gwen's tenacity, courage, and perseverance landed her an excellent job with Semper Solaris as their Administrative Operations Coordinator, offering her a significant raise and shortening her commute. Gwen exclaims, "I am really happy with what I do now. The organization really values 'family first' and I am making more than I ever thought I could!"