Your vote is your voice Four or five years ago, Opportunity Junction applied to become a polling place. We thought it would have the dual benefits of making voting easier for our participants and of introducing Opportunity Junction to the local community.

We just found out that we will be a polling place for the March 3rd primary!

The Big Classroom will host voting that day from 6 am until 9 pm (well, from 7 am to 8 pm, but they need an hour on either side for setup and teardown).

Here are some fun facts on how we can make voting easier for people:

  • Anyone who votes by mail in Contra Costa can drop their ballot off here that day;
  • Anyone who is registered to vote at the polls in Contra Costa can vote here on the candidates/issues shared on our precinct's ballot (almost everything); and
  • Anyone who lives in Contra Costa and is not yet registered to vote can register and vote here that day (SAME DAY VOTER REGISTRATION!) on the candidates/issues shared on our precinct's ballot (almost everything)!

We look forward to being a hub of civic engagement on March 3rd !