piggy bankWe are proud and grateful to announce the following new grants and funding partnerships:

Chevron: As part of its Social Investment Partnership Initiative, Chevron awarded Opportunity Junction a grant for core operating support. Chevron supports a range of job training and workforce development programs that provide opportunities for people to learn career-building skills to succeed in the jobs of the future.

Contra Costa County Community Services Bureau: Contra Costa County's Community Services Bureau (CSB) awarded key funding for the Job Training and Placement Program, helping with staffing, as well as alumni services and paid internships for program graduates. CSBG is part of the national Community Action Partnership network of over 1,100 agencies that work to alleviate poverty and empower low-income families in communities throughout the United States.

Justice, Justice Foundation: Contra Costa County's private philanthropic Justice, Justice Foundation renewed its support of Opportunity Junction's programming with an unrestricted grant.

Tipping Point Community: Tipping Point Community awarded a one-time grant to facilitate Opportunity Junction's participation in the Career Advancement Project. This initiative seeks to help training program graduates to move into higher wage positions. Tipping Point fights poverty in the Bay Area for the 1.7 million people who don't have the resources to meet their basic needs.

Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation: Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation has issued a grant to support the Administrative Careers Training Program. Umpqua Bank takes great pride in its commitment to serving and supporting our communities, and we deeply appreciate its support of this work.