Census 2020 Do you remember the last time you completed the United States Census form? Not really? It was almost ten years ago, and it wasn't online. In 2020, that changes.

Beginning in early April, all United States residents will be asked to complete the required census form by filling out a web form.

The online census may seem natural for younger "digital natives" and those who have crossed the Digital Divide. For others, the process may be confusing.

At Opportunity Junction, we have a whole series of computer basics classes that we run in the evenings, starting with how to email and use the Internet. This spring, we will add Census Sessions three evenings a week to help local residents complete the online Census.

A complete count of local residents is critically important to California and Contra Costa. The census population numbers are used to allocate federal funding to each area, as well as determining how many elected representatives each state gets.

Contra Costa County's Census 2020 Complete Count Steering Committee has been building a network of trusted messengers to increase awareness and motivate residents to respond to the 2020 Census.

For those who don't complete the form online, the Census will next send out written questionnaires. Households that do not return the written questionnaires will be visited by Census employees who will collect the information in person.

In fact, the Census Bureau is hiring right now for the positions they will need: 600 Contra Costa residents when all is said and done. Want to join in the effort? For more information about jobs, please visit: https://2020census.gov/en/jobs.html