Register to VoteNow that California has moved its primary from June to March, the deadline to register to vote is earlier, too: February 18, 2020.

Even if you are already registered to vote, you may need to re-register this year. Did you move since the last election? Would you prefer the convenient vote-by-mail ballot that gives you almost a month to complete and return?

Opportunity Junction has Voter Registration forms onsite, and residents may also use our computers to register online at

Vote-by-mail is now the most popular way to vote in California. When you sign up for it, you will get your ballot in the mail about a month before the election. Postage is prepaid for you, or you can walk your ballot into your polling place if you like the excitement of Election Day.

You can vote in your pajamas!

You can invite friends over for a voting party to discuss the candidates and ballot propositions as you fill out your ballots together!

You don't have to vote in every race. You can choose the races and issues where you have a preference and opinion. The important thing is to participate.