Top Poverty Fighting Organization Opportunity Junction, which served over 1,580 low-income Contra Costa residents last year, is ranked the #1 poverty-fighting nonprofit organization serving the United States by ImpactMatters. Among 1,081 nonprofits around the world, Opportunity Junction also received a five-star rating for its cost-effectiveness. After the Impact Audit of Opportunity Junction, ImpactMatters concluded, a donation of “$14,000 increases the earnings of a person living in poverty by $44,000.”

Opportunity Junction serves the high-need communities of East Contra Costa County, a region that struggles with suburban poverty and has fewer resources for residents in need than comparable regions. They help low-income residents get and keep good jobs through programs that provide computer and life skills training, wrap-around support, professional experience, and resources for public assistance.

ImpactMatters, a New York organization founded in 2015, understands that there are limited resources and an unlimited need. Without the proper data from nonprofits, it can be a challenge for donors to make well-educated decisions as to where they should invest their money. ImpactMatters started measuring the cost-effectiveness of over 1,080 nonprofits to help donors’ resources go further to help more people around the world.

Alissa Friedman, President and CEO of Opportunity Junction, states, “Our commitment has always been to the mission and the community we serve, not the organization itself. To be listed among the Top 10 Poverty Fighting Nonprofits in the world is particularly honorable to us because we place a high priority on outcomes and impact.” The organization is continuously collecting data that allows it to assess impact, evaluate effectiveness, identify areas for development, and implement strategic action plans accordingly.