MDRCMDRC recently released a new report titled, Beyond the Basics: Integrating Workforce and College-Readiness Training Into California's Adult Basic Skills Programs. Funded by The James Irvine Foundation, the report is about programs for low-skilled individuals in training or career pathway programs. Opportunity Junction was mentioned 14 times throughout the article highlighting the various facets that make our full-service programs so successful. Students at Opportunity Junction commented on our multi-week full time administrative Job Training and Placement Program, saying:

"I feel like I have forged lifelong bonds with all of my classmates. Just the encouragement we've gotten from each other through life skills and being able to hear each other's stories and be inspired by them and learn from them. With my classmates' support, I was able to get back on track if I ever fell behind."

"[The] life skills [course] gave us confidence in ourselves - bringing out things we never really knew were there. We really needed the confidence to move forward [and believe we were worth getting hired] because we never really thought we could [before]."

To read the entire 73 page MDRC report, click here: MDRC Full Report.