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Rachel Spangler and family

Rachel Spangler: "I feel so much better and happier now!"

"With my new career path, I know that my daughter will have a better life. I am excited about my future, and I feel so much better and happier now. I will be debt free in a month-I've already paid off two credit cards! We are saving to buy a house and we are growing our family with my second baby due in July. Where you work definitely has an impact on everyday life, and I am now living the life I always wanted."

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Yvette Escobar

Yvette Escobar: Succeeding in the job market as a seasoned employee

"It took me six months to find my last job, in 2015, and the process of applying for a job has changed significantly. During those six months I did not get a single response for an interview, but when I started working with Opportunity Junction's career services, things improved almost immediately."

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Ana Valadez

Ana Valadez: "OJ believed in me until I could believe in myself"

"Opportunity Junction will always hold a piece of my heart. I was homeless, living in poverty, and didn't have enough to eat. I believed in the people at OJ who believed in me until I was able to believe in myself. I know the staff will always support me because they got me through the hardest time of my life."

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Thanks to you: Our alumni continue to thrive

With each newsletter, we share new stories of accomplishment and success for our clients. For this November edition, we wanted to share updates on some of our favorite stories.

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kiana ashley and daughter

Kiana Ashley: "I will be forever thankful for this experience."

"It was amazing to participate in this program where everyone's goal was to help me succeed! I felt completely supported, uplifted, and valued. I have gained so much more than computer and administrative skills. LifeSkills class helped my confidence soar, and I was able to find strength in myself. Thanks to the support of everyone at OJ, I am finally in a position and in a career I have been dreaming about. I will be forever thankful for my experience there. I feel accomplished and am a good role model for my daughter." Read Kiana's story...

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jacqueline estrada

Jacqueline Estrada: "Help when I needed it most"

When Jacqueline Estrada walked through the doors at Opportunity Junction in September of 2011, unemployment in Antioch was still at a near record high. Jacqueline, who had held clerical positions in medical offices in the past, had been unemployed for two years. She was desperate and feared the gap in employment would keep her permanently unemployed. "I am grateful that Opportunity Junction was there to help when I needed it most." Read her story...

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Thanks to you: Ondina has a Strong Foundation

"Opportunity Junction was there to pick me up in ways I could never imagine. They built my confidence and gave me skills, and I am taking the next steps I need to learn and grow to be the professional and mother I know I can be. Thanks to Opportunity Junction, I have a strong foundation I am able to keep building on. It is a foundation of strength and compassion that keeps me up." Read Ondina's story...

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Thanks to you: Denise believes in herself again

"I thought I needed the technical skills, and I did, but I received so much more emotionally. LifeSkills became a place where I could be myself and share my personal experiences, struggles, and barriers. I built wonderful friendships that continue to offer support. It is so much more than a program; it's a family. I am forever grateful for the passion and commitment of everyone at OJ." Read Denise's story...

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Thanks to you: Tomisha is active in her own life again

"I really want to thank Opportunity Junction for coming into my life and helping me figure out my self-worth again. I never thought I would ever be able to do anything except work in retail. At OJ, I learned patience; I learned professionalism; and I became active in my own life again. Now, I am able to work toward my goals of saving to buy a house and for my kids' college. Thank you so much Opportunity Junction for giving me this opportunity to prove to myself I can do anything." Read Tomisha's story...