In This Edition:

Thanks to you: Ondina has a Strong Foundation

"Opportunity Junction was there to pick me up in ways I could never imagine. They built my confidence and gave me skills, and I am taking the next steps I need to learn and grow to be the professional and mother I know I can be. Thanks to Opportunity Junction, I have a strong foundation I am able to keep building on. It is a foundation of strength and compassion that keeps me up." Read Ondina's story...

In This Edition:

Thanks to you: Denise believes in herself again

"I thought I needed the technical skills, and I did, but I received so much more emotionally. LifeSkills became a place where I could be myself and share my personal experiences, struggles, and barriers. I built wonderful friendships that continue to offer support. It is so much more than a program; it's a family. I am forever grateful for the passion and commitment of everyone at OJ." Read Denise's story...

In This Edition:

Thanks to you: Tomisha is active in her own life again

"I really want to thank Opportunity Junction for coming into my life and helping me figure out my self-worth again. I never thought I would ever be able to do anything except work in retail. At OJ, I learned patience; I learned professionalism; and I became active in my own life again. Now, I am able to work toward my goals of saving to buy a house and for my kids' college. Thank you so much Opportunity Junction for giving me this opportunity to prove to myself I can do anything." Read Tomisha's story...